Ya Ever Wake Up in a Bad Mood for No Reason?

That's how I woke up 
the day before yesterday.
Just tired and cranky
for no real reason.

I didn't want to work.
I didn't want to write.
I don't want to talk to anyone.

Maybe I will skip out of responsibilities.
Go get a hotel room and just watch tv.
Or just ride the rumbler all day.
Judging people who decide to sit across from me.

Who are ya now?
I've been thinking about you,
and maybe that's the reason for the mood.

No one ever tells you
when you are a kid
that bad moods happen, it's okay,
and sometimes they last for days.

Back here for only a few weeks
and already bored.
I wonder why.

Things are different now,
but I don't rightly know how. 
The city sees me different as I sleep,
and I have dreams that I can't seem to keep.