Still: Zoom Out

avoiding work.
reading basketball news.
letting coffee go cold. 
and posture slouch.

burping breakfast, still.
staring through the world.
not focusing on anything.
even the cadence of reggae music is ignored. 

check Facebook.
give up after a split second. 
decided on a walk. 
wishing within weather. 

this is what nothing is. 
a telephone conversation to my sister.
not paying attention. 
looking at leaves with faces on them. 

pull one off the bush. 
use a Sharpie to draw eyes on it. 
an indifferent mouth. 
like mine today, now. 

no reason.
just nothing. 
this might be meditation.
or indignation. 

who knows.
who cares.
I certainly don't.
keep zoning out while zooming in.