Going Back to NYC

bring a book.
sneak in like Sean did.
take a cab to a hotel.
somewhere in the Battery.
just to ease in.
there may be one girl.
who might visit me.

kick her out.
the next morning.
avoid Marlon.
tell Matt English the truth.
later Franco and I will egg Eric's front door.

take the subway with sunglasses on.
no matter what time it is.
stop off in Union Square.
visit a bench just to sit.
hopefully see a hawk, the hawk.
before going to Strand.
buying a book, maybe Walden by Thoreau.

then go uptown and eat streetmeat.
drink a forty.
on the 162 stoop.
and then try to break into 161.
there will be leftovers of a pseudo-blizzard.
along with the scattered limbs of my lifeless heart.

going back in time.
happens to me.
every couple of months.
when I go back to the island.
when I go back home, distant.
I am like a moth.
with chomping jaws.
broken wings.
let's go cause some mischief.