Last Call in Houston

no joke.
did a poetry-comedy gig last night.
at a haunted carwash.

then went to Sugar Land.
and got ramen with a Mormon and a young mom.
before we made our way downtown.

drank good beers.
at The Hay Merchant.
Houston is ghetto in good places.

hung with gangsters.
until I got tired.
but I found a bag of white powder and rebounded.

so many people dip here.
I guess chewing tobacco is still a thing.
especially in this part of the USA place.

at the base of a street light.
in the handicap section of a parking lot.
risk perked me up even more.

realizing I am just a comedian of snakes.
and that a year changes a man.
more than a cable bank.

I give up and Uber back to hotel.
it is only 11:15pm.
there is nothing more pathetic than an aging hipster.

was it me?
is it my refusal to accept?
it is cold in Houston, Texas and I miss only one.