is it?

is love easy?
is it really?
is it like making a sandwich decision?
is it like realizing you're thirsty?
is it like dark or is it like thunder?
is it ankles or is it wrists?
I like to be the fool, but...

is love simple?
is it really?
is it like drinking a beer?
is it like being here?
is it like a buffet breakfast?
is it like blinking?
I like to hit the hammer, and...

it is like arms and eyes.
it is like starting a fire in the rain.
it is like using the word Like in repeat?
it is like switching a song on Spotify?
but it is so much more.
concerning veins and arrow aims. 
and I am not keen of sight.
nor is my heart healthy enough to heave. 

is it time to be brave?
probably not.
so let's just shoot the shit.
and work our way to all-the-end.